The Hauberk Hoodie 1.0

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We're improving upon our hoodie fabric to add more durability and elasticity for future runs! In the meantime, enjoy almost 50% off our first batch in the original 100% recycled polyester.

Our Hauberk design is based on European 4-in-1 riveted mail (colloquially, chainmail), a military staple from the Iron and Middle Ages all through the 16th century. Before it was supplanted by plate, mail was synonymous with armor. For centuries it was incredibly valuable, expensive and time-consuming to produce—oftentimes the easiest way to acquire it was to pry it off someone else. Good thing you don't have to loot this hoodie off a dead body to get your hands on it. ;)

Note that our hoodies are unisex! Menfolk, order your usual size; ladyfolk may find the fit more relaxed, so size down if you'd like to opt for a closer fit.

 Body: 100% Recycled Polyester
 Trim: 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
Made in the USA

Our male model is 6'2 and wearing a size L. Our female model is 5'2 and wearing a size XS.


Size Chest Waist
XS 34-37 in
86-94 cm
26-29 in
66-74 cm
S 37-40 in
94-102 cm
29-32 in
74-81 cm
M 40-43 in
102-109 cm
32-35 in
81-89 cm
L 43-46 in
109-117 cm
35-38 in
89-97 cm
XL 46-49 in
117-124 cm
38-41 in
97-104 cm
XXL 49-52 in
124-132 cm
41-44 in
104-112 cm