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Fashion inspired by armor, history, and geekery. Ethically made in the USA with comfortable fabrics derived from recycled plastic bottles.

Word From the Field

I got my Lorica in the mail today. The craftsmanship is oustanding. The material is strong and the seams are stronger, the print is even better looking than I thought it would be, and the fit is better than anything else I own.

Could. Not. Be. Happier!

Alexander L.

I got mine today, and I have to say: I'm impressed.

I'm a bigger girl, and was worried about the fit, but they fit fantastic. The waist band is my favourite part. I have a huge issue with other leggings sliding down (damn you, lack of hips), but this one stays up and has a really comfy waist band.

Well worth every penny, I'm quite impressed.

Tana W.

I received my leggings in the mail today and I don't even have words to describe how awesome they are! The fit is fantastic, the knee of the image falls in exactly where my knee is, the waistband is not too tight and not to loose, they are just so comfortable! Dare I say it, they are even flattering, which is always a concern. I can't wait for the other planned items to launch - I'll be buying them ALL!

Alyson O.

They're here! And I love them! They fit exactly according to the size chart. The only thing I would do differently for me next time is order the shorter waistband. At 5'1 the length and the print are all exactly where they need to be, but with high waist is just a little too high. But just try to pry them off of me. :)

Jennifer U.

They are the softest, most comfy, awesome looking leggings ever. My 3yo kept rubbing her hands over them while I was trying them on!

Cassie A.

Mine, or more accurately, my wife's arrived last week, and it is amazing! She loves it! Super comfy, great print quality. Well done.

Denis R.

I received mine last week as well and I have been EXTREMELY happy with them; I wear them every other day at least.

Alyssa F.

I got mine last week. I am in love. Seriously the most comfortable leggings I own. They clean easily too!

Elizabeth M.

I got mine today (long length, high-waisted), and I'm so pleased to finally have leggings that don't stop at mid-calf. I have a 36" inseam and these sit just above my ankle bone! They are extremely comfy, too!

Kira H.