Our Origin Story

"Lorica" is Latin for body armor; in Christian monastic tradition, a lorica is a prayer of protection. It's also an armor-inspired line of clothing designed to slay, wherever you take the fight.

The brand is the one-woman project of Elie Hutchinson, an art director and multi-disciplinary designer whose passions include flashing swords, shining armor, and bubble tea. She launched Lorica in 2017 with a Kickstarter which funded at more than 1700% of its goal, and Elie has been spandexsmithing ever since.

Our Core Values


Our designs are inspired by real examples of armor and art from all over the world. Whether poring over reference books or crawling around museum display cases, intense research goes into the development of each piece to ensure the detail and beauty of the original work is captured as accurately as possible.


Every Lorica product is made in the USA and sewn by fellow woman-owned businesses. You can be sure that every person who's touched your armor has been paid a fair, living wage. 


We’re committed to using recycled materials whenever possible, so all of our garments are made with fabrics derived from post-consumer materials. Recycling may not be the perfect solution to the ecological impact of the fashion industry, but reducing our footprint by relying less on virgin resources is a start.